How to Create Awesome Content for Your SEO

August 09, 2019

Creating high-quality content can be a quite struggle while paving your way to a successful campaign. It always amazes me on how content can really affect your website traffic in daily times. Based on our previous works, we have some tips from our sleeves to share with you!

  1. Write About the Right Keyword

First of all, our SEO content won’t reach the right people if you fail to grab the right keyword for your campaign. Finding the appropriate keyword may seem like a lot, but it really isn’t if you break it down into a few activities:

Audience research: Always identify the type of audience you think wants/needs what you offer. Then, go find where they congregate online. Talk to them. Survey them. Figure out their personal habits, preferences, demographics, and stats.

Keyword research: Find relevant, profitable keywords that relate to your expertise, your products/services, and your audience’s search intent.

Topic research: You can come up with content topics based on the targeted keywords you discovered and what your audience wants to learn/know.

We also advised that you should go deeper in creating your content, as far as including the stats and fact, focusing on problem approach, and a little helpful insight won’t hurt!

  1. Focus on Readability

You need to focus on your clarity of sentences, and also make sure you are using the right grammar and always double-check for a typo. By making your paragraph straight to the point and clear, we can attract audiences to engage with our content, and understanding our content message more easily.

  1. Invest in Visual

Never being too boring. Reading textual message can be exhausting for your website audiences. You can add some virtual to your content to make it more alive. Adding visual in your content can also generating interest for your audience to know more about your content.

Visual can greatly help you in explaining things, especially when it comes to technical details and workflows. It can also help you create an ‘ambiance’ for your content.

  1. Use First Person Point of View

Using the first-person point of view can help to raise audience trust in your content or services product, since the content may seem like coming from your own experience. Of course, it’s not all about gaining trust and credibility. The first-person point of view can also create engagement with your audiences as if you are communicating with them directly.

  1. Do Original Research

Do your own research. It’s crucial to do your own research since it comes from the real source, and you can also increase your analysis skill by doing so. Another great point of creating your own research, you can also create research according to your problem or concerning issues to share with your audience. By doing your own great research, you can easily build credibility for your services. What a great win-win!

We hope we can help you with creating amazing content by using our tricks! Tell us more about your content making experience trough comment below! (.cbk)