Digital Revolution Spirit—Commemorating 74 Years of Indonesia Independence

August 16, 2019

In the midst of Indonesia 74th Independence Day euphoria, we noticed an interesting change in the past few years regarding how digital marketer nowadays creating a campaign for celebrating our nation Independence Day. We have moved past ‘all-people-do-it’ campaign and creating a more versatile and creative campaign.

Maybe some of you have seen how IDN times do their Independence Day campaign in the right way, increasing their brand awareness and point out their creativity at its finest. We are very proud of how content writers, digital marketers, and agency in Indonesia have evolved their game to become more creative in order gaining more audience to their content. Not only that but more digital worker nowadays also given out added value in their contents, making Indonesia’s content market more variation and gaining more functionality, instead of just a paraphrase and jumbled sentences.

This growth is not only bringing positivity in Indonesia but also the negative downsides. There is a lot of false information being spread of, cybercrime rapidly growing, and how Indonesian citizen more prone to politics propaganda trough internet information. Currently, Indonesia government actively strive to tackle the digital issue through the campaign and new constitution provision in the digital area.

In term of economy, within the year 2019, there is 15% (around 20 million) increase—compared to last year—in active social media user alone in Indonesia, with more than 86% purchasing power, according to Hootsuite 2019 Report. It shows how powerful Indonesia citizen nowadays in term of economical buying power compared to last year, making it more competitive in digital promotion aspect, as more people grow closer to technologies than ever in Indonesia internet history.

This great news also kept us wondering, how Indonesia Government synchronize this growth with their future economical technology plan since it will affect how digital movement being created, how many job openings being offered in digital industries, and how rapid this industry will grow in the next decade. We are hoping, with this new spirit for Indonesia, many of us can give more contribution to our country development, making it more powerful in term of digital technology, and promote Indonesia as one of International digital paradise by 2020.

Dirgahayu Indonesiaku, big cheers for Indonesia brighter future!