Life at a Digital Agency in Indonesia—Things You Should Know About!

July 22, 2019

While having a job in digital agency seems all fun and so cool, there are many sides you may not know yet. After 8 solid years joining this digital industry—and being one of the trusted agencies in Indonesia, we want to share the perks and life struggle of a digital agency with you! We believe some of us have had this experience, somewhere along the way of this journey together as Digital Agency.

First of all, for you creative folks out there, congratulations! Your creativity shall be challenged daily in this industry. It is a great place to widen your creativity spectrum and have some experiment with all of your design and concept. If you joined an agency, there is a chance your design will be changed according to your client reference, but it’s more likely your client will just follow along with the given option—as long as your design was great enough, to begin with!

Challenging is the right word to describe the pressure of working in a digital agency. Fast-paced works and demanding clients can be very stressful. With clients, you’ll inevitably run into major roadblocks and have to put out fires on a regular basis. Regardless of your degree of due diligence, sometimes things just go wrong. We always have stories to tell after works, no more “same old” reply to our acquaintance!

But don’t worry, not only cons, there are many perks of working in a digital agency as well!

Your clientele usually has a great network, so you can learn from their business models and becoming fast enough to recognize weak and strong points of a business plan. It’s easy to feel accomplished after finishing a very significant project and having a hectic yet productive day! In addition to a sense of productivity and accomplishment, agency life is also quite rewarding. From small victories such as creating a client’s first successful lead generic campaign to larger ones, like breaking their weekly sales record, this type of work can feel great.

If you’re joining an established agency, the chances are they have tools available that you may not have as a solo enterprise. Want access to better project management or design software? An agency often has that covered. As far as tools and the latest strategies, established agencies are often in a better position to be able to experiment, pay to try out things and generally move with the latest developments. They can provide their employees with the opportunity to be at the cutting edge of practices as well. What a great learning time!

In Indonesia, many digital agencies already understand the importance of having a fun vibe going—it will reduce the stress of the workers while still maintaining productivity in each division. Trough Indonesia government positivity towards 4.0 revolutionary industry, we believe agencies in Indonesia can have a magnificent spurt of growth in the next decade. Now, it’s time for us to go hand in hand to create a brighter future for our nation through this nation equally growing technology and digital development.

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