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Established in 2015 by Swiss and Singaporean founders, Andromeda has become a leader in the jewellery industry, providing its clientele with fine jewellery, exquisite jewels, diamonds and precious gems. The founders have worked hard to become the jeweller of choice for design driven, value orientated women.

Andromeda is the union of East and West: the delicate pieces and beautiful designs are a combination of Asian and European design influences, as well as the founders’ knowledge and passion for jewellery.

The founders believe that every woman deserves fine jewellery and to feel beautiful in diamonds and precious gems, and thus created Andromeda to fulfil this belief. The unique and bespoke pieces are designed with the woman in mind, offering a variety of pieces to compliment the woman’s natural elegance and style.

The founders’ passion for jewellery is not limited to beautiful and high quality pieces, but rather to what these fine pieces symbolise and mean. The bespoke, elegant pieces are designed to celebrate milestones and achievements, to honour moments and people, to evoke memories and joy, and to be worn with pride.

When Andromeda was established, the purpose was to deliver more than fine jewellery: Andromeda was created so dreams could become a reality. The founders saw an opportunity in the market to offer exquisite, design led pieces of high end jewellery, GIA-certified diamonds, stones, gems and precious stones at exceptional value, whilst remaining fully transparent to the customer. Competitive pricing, high quality jewels and passion for the trade have placed Andromeda as industry front-runners and influencers.

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